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Well it was back to the quill pen and abacus to work out the scores of the two semi-final matches.

The results (as taken from the Classic Fantasy League web site) are:

Zlat and the BainesStalk (Jamie) 0 vs A Mahrez a Day (Bodhinaga) 14

Cech —2 Fuchs 3
Baines —2 Clichy 3
Sterling 2 Mahrez 3
Sigurdson 2 Lukaku 3
Cabaye 2

Coffin Dodgers (Rob) 0 vs Free Full backs (Ben) 18

O’Shea -1 Tadic 7
McAuley -1 Arnautovic 6
Crouch 2 Alli 5

So, convincing wins for Ben and Bodhinaga mean we have the Kohn/Kirkman final that Fox News predicted, and the footballing world wanted to see.

Next stop Wembley ------> Final to be played over the weekend of Saturday 1st/Sunday 2nd April. May the best team win, AND may the web site be fixed by then !!

Yours in sport

The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2017-03-07 20:30:24
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