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Well, well, well.........

Some real shocks in the Quarters.......

A bad week for Ted as his team gets kicked out by Rob’s Coffin Dodgers — WHAT !!!

Current FFL CUP holder (of the last 2 years) Ed, loses a Cup match for the VERY first time - OMG !!

Long Pants out of fashion - OH NO !!

and A MAHREZ a DAY Helps you work rest and, definitely, play - Who came up with that one ?


Coffin Dodgers 4 Turn the other Loftus -2

Good Evans that’s Long -1 Free Full Backs 3

Long Pants 5 Zlat and the Beanstalk 9

Tillys All Stars 3 A Mahrez a Day 17 (yes, Seventeen !)

So, we’ll get a different cup winner this year (get polishing the cup Ed).

The Semi Finals will take place over the weekend of 4th/5th/6th March and will be between:

Coffin Dodgers vs Free Full Backs
Zlat and the Beanstalks vs A Mahrez a Day

All the best

the FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2017-02-06 12:23:43
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