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2106 FFL CUP FINAL - Result
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You cant beat Wembley on Cup Final day, the streets thronged with fans — walking down Wembley Way to the stadium, the community singing — Abide with Me, Fast falls the even tide, etc -
the atmosphere inside the stadium — I must go one day.

The 2016 Final of the FFL Cup was a sparkling affair with plenty of points in an open, flowing match........

Ben’s Free Fullbacks managed to accumulate six points courtesy of Williams (1), Sako (2) and Walcott (3).

Ed’s Ramsey’s Nightmares responded with points from Harry Kane (3 for his goal against LFC — Bah), Monreal (3) and Nasri (2).

So the final score was:

Free Fullbacks 6 vs Ramsey’s Nightmares 8

This means that Ed wins the FFL Cup for the second year running (in fact as it stands Ed has NEVER lost a Cup match) - a marvellous achievement worthy of our congratulations.

So well done Ed, don’t forget to bring the trophy with you to the next Auction, for a proper presentation this year !!

All the best

the FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2016-04-04 09:16:55
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