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After another round of exciting FFL Matches, the semi finals have been decided as follows:

Make De Gea (Sam) 4 vs 7 Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Coste Less... (Alistair) 1 vs 6 Ramsey’s Nightmares (Ed)

So in the Kohn Derby, Sam’s reliance on the Man City forward line floundered at Anfield (come on you Reds) where the Sky blues where BLITZED (am I going over the top here ?).

So Ben moves into another FFL Final, where he will take on the current Cup Holder Ed, who prospered at the expense of Alistair (reliant on Man City midfield which was BLITZED at Anfield last night, and Coutinho who didn’t play).

So the final will be between:

Free FullBacks (Ben) vs Ramsey’s Nightmares (Ed)

and will take place over the weekend of 1st/2nd April. Good luck to both teams.


the FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2016-03-03 09:09:55
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