League Table

PosTeam NameOwner NamePtsGSAssCSGA
1stTilly's All-StarsTilly13721122238
2ndRince AidTed13223132052
3rdAs Mkhitar Gently WeepsBen12519171531
4thOne Vogue For Three FC PLCSam12119201549
5thTitle Number 4Bodhinaga11019161542
6thRadio Lacazette PlayerEd1001491934
7thAnything but bottom again FCNeil961671738
8thHart Throws Title No 7Alex8914121646
9thThree Centre BackRogerio816131621
11thNot very neighbourlyAlistair4977935
12thZlat and the Baines-stalksJamie4675922
13thOn Our WayCarl2178872
14thBlades of Glory Can do itJenn2057125
15thLong PantsRay1473241
16thCoffin DodgersRob

Last Fantasy Football Update - 2017-11-19 23:00:02

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Long Pants BOTR
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Heaton, Burnley. Schlupp CP, Bardsley Burnley, Sakho Liverpool, Shawcross Stoke. Schneiderlin Everton, Toure, MC, Fellaini MU, Dier Spurs, Remy Chelsea, Ozaki Leicester. Long Pants

Posted: 2017-08-13 14:07:30
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Heaton,sclupp,Bardsley,Sakho,shawcross, Schneiderlin, toure, fellaini dier. Ozaki remy. Long pants botr

Posted: 2017-08-13 11:11:46
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I've felt like Conte this season not sir Alex leading from almost the start to finish. Any chance of some competition next season??? The kohns have now won the last 3 titles so the kirkmans need more preparation work than ever. Me and sam will continue our booze approach. Can't wait for next season for the Yorkshire Championship to start and laugh at all those deluded piggy fans thinking they've got a chance. WAWAW

Posted: 2017-05-20 07:23:40
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Well it turned out that Fox News got it right !!

After a high scoring wins for both team in the semi finals, the final was a low-scoring, dour affair.

Ben’s team — Free Full Backs — had a near full house of zero points, with only Delli Alli getting 2 for an assist.

Bodhinaga’s — A Mahrez a Day — did a little better, with points for Fuchs (3), Walcott (3), Ozil (2) offset by Cahill and Clichy each scoring minus —1

So the final score was:

Free Full Backs 2 A Mahrez a Day 6

So, commiserations to Ben on a near miss (a great effort considering he had so many injured players), BUT......

Congratulations to Bodhinaga on getting his hands on the Cup once again. It may be the first leg of a glorious double, though Sir Alex may have something to say about that (as indeed may Jamie).

So that’s it for another Cup year — a pat on the back for the marvellous organisers. See you all ay the next auction.

Yours in sport

The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2017-04-02 20:53:32
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Well it was back to the quill pen and abacus to work out the scores of the two semi-final matches.

The results (as taken from the Classic Fantasy League web site) are:

Zlat and the BainesStalk (Jamie) 0 vs A Mahrez a Day (Bodhinaga) 14

Cech —2 Fuchs 3
Baines —2 Clichy 3
Sterling 2 Mahrez 3
Sigurdson 2 Lukaku 3
Cabaye 2

Coffin Dodgers (Rob) 0 vs Free Full backs (Ben) 18

O’Shea -1 Tadic 7
McAuley -1 Arnautovic 6
Crouch 2 Alli 5

So, convincing wins for Ben and Bodhinaga mean we have the Kohn/Kirkman final that Fox News predicted, and the footballing world wanted to see.

Next stop Wembley ------> Final to be played over the weekend of Saturday 1st/Sunday 2nd April. May the best team win, AND may the web site be fixed by then !!

Yours in sport

The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2017-03-07 20:30:24
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