League Table

PosTeam NameOwner NamePtsGSAssCSGA
1stHart beatAlex220282744122
3rdTilly's All-StarsTilly21033272782
4thVaricose BainesEd201342934148
5thAnything but bottom again FCNeil164331724103
6thTadic MagicRob156322818114
7thIt's a KnockaertBen15615292572
8thMul Owl FCCarl145192736177
9thStevie G's Slip FCSam1342792188
10thLong PantsRay1282618930
11thWoeful Willies FCAlistair12826131666
12thHenderson's Relish UtdJenn12816172997
13thTOP SHELVEY (BOTR)Bodhinaga117201325113
14thJoleon, Joleon, Joleon, Joleeeeeeeeon, I'm begging you please don't take my manJamie8816181263

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Results from the weekends Semi-finals are :

Mul Owl -1 vs 12 Varicose Baines

Woeful Willies 6 vs 8 Tilly’s All Stars

For Carl’s MulOwl FC, 5 points for Aaron Ramsey was offset by —2 (each) for defenders Lloris, Caulker and Cresswell, while Ed’s Varicose Baines were rampant with four player gaining three points including the mighty Varicose himself.

In the other semi, Alistair’s Willies had a real go at the reigning Cup holders with 3 points each from Mertesacker and Barkley, but fell just short as Tilly’s All Stars proceed to the final on the back of clean sheets for De Gea and Jones, and an assist by Atsu (for Barkley’s goal !).

So the 2015 FFL Cup Final will be:

Varicose Baines vs Tilly’s All Stars

and will take place over the weekend of Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th and Monday 6th April.

All the best

The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2015-03-18 12:31:46
FFL Cup Quarter Final Results
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Quite a high-scoring weekend for the Cup Quarter Finals, with some big team scores in most matches. . . . .

Top Shelvey 2 v 5 MulOwl FC
Varicise Baines 11 v 8 Hendersons Relish
Woeful Willies 9 v 3 Stevie G’s Slip FC
Tilly’s All Stars 6 v 4 Anything but Bottom FC

So, Cup Holders Tilly’s All Stars progress to the semi finals at the expense of Neil’s Anything but Bottom.

The remaining Kirkman’s (Bodhinaga’s Top Shelvey and Jenny’s Hendersons Relish) also went out of the cup, and Sam’s Stevie G slipped out as well. So we have a semi-final without any Kohn’s or Kirkman’s for the first time ever.
As Top Scorers, Ed’s Varicose Baines FC seem to have found their niche in cup football, while Alistair’s Woeful Willies seem to be anything but woeful in the cup, and Carl’s Mul Owl FC have picked up the Blades Cup Appetite, to maintain Sheffield’ interest.

So the Semi-final draw for the 2015 FFL Cup is

Mul Owl FC vs Varicose Baines
Woeful Willies vs Tilly’s All-Stars

Semi Finals will be played over the weekend of Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th and Monday 16th March, when there is a full Premier League weekend fixture list.

All the best

The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2015-02-02 13:39:49
FFL Cup - 1st round results
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As usual, the magic of the Cup delivers a few shock results. . . . . . . .

Tadic Magic 3 vs 8 Top Shelvey
Hart Beat -6 vs -1 Mul Owl FC
It’s a Knockeart 3 vs 4 Hendersons Relish
Woeful Willies 4 vs -2 Eff-Ings-uperb
Joleon, Joleon, -2 vs 1 Stevie G’s Slip FC
Long Pants 2 vs 5 Anything but Bottom

So, top of the table Eff-ings-uperb go out to relegation strugglers Woeful Willies (down to the two non-penalties scored by Stevie G ! — not that I’m bitter). Interestingly, in the quarter finals, the WILLIES (including Stevie G) will take on Stevie G’s Slip FC, who managed to scramble past Jamie’s Repetitive Joleon.

The other top vs bottom matches also produced surprise results, when Top Shelvey hammered Tadic Magic, and HartBeat (-6) went out to Mul Owl (-1)

The defeat of Long Pants by Anything but Bottom, means that the sole surviving Kohn is Sam with Stevie G’s Slip.

In the Quarter Finals, current holder Tilly’s All Stars and new boys Varicose Baines join the fun. Full list of quarter final matches is below.

Quarter Final Matches

Top Shelvey vs Mul Owl FC
Varicose Baines vs Hendersons Relish
Woeful Willies vs Stevie G’s Slip FC
Tillys All Stars vs Anything but Bottom

Quarter Final games to be played over the weekend of 1st February 2015.

Posted: 2015-01-02 09:43:41
FFL Cup 2015 - 1st Round
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Just a reminder that the first round of the FFL Cup is scheduled to take place on New Years Day. You may recall that the draw for the Cup was made at the start of the season on Auction night, when the following matches were drawn out of the hat:

Tadic Magic vs Top Shelvey
Hart Beat vs Mul Owl FC
It’s a Knockeart vs Henderson’s Relish
Woeful Willies FC vs Eff-Ings-Uperb
Joleon, Joleon etc vs Stevie G’s Slip FC
Long Pants vs Anything but Bottom Fc

Varicose Baines, and Tilly’s All Stars both get a bye into the quarter finals.

Qualifying matches are those played on New Years Day only (I believe there is a Full fixture list, Alex !).

Just a reminder (and for those joining this season) - Points scored on that day only will count towards each FFL team score. Highest score in each of the matches gets through to the next round.

So, may the best team win. All the best to everyone — Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2015.

Ted (the FFL Cup Committee)

Posted: 2014-12-24 18:20:41
Jamies Team name
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It's an incredible name Sam. Shut up. It's the best since Someone Cahill Ronaldo

I'm sure there's a pun in Bojan somewhere

Posted: 2014-08-19 12:26:15
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