League Table

PosTeam NameOwner NamePtsGSAssCSGA
1stTitle number 6Alex15821341556
2ndA Mahrez a DayBodhinaga14735151256
3rdOn Our WayCarl12727171040
4thTurn the other LoftusTed12022171873
5thLong PantsRay11817111842
6thOne Vogue For Three FC PLCSam11620221364
7thZlat and the Baines-stalksJamie1132716963
8thGood Evans that's LongEd8117121266
9thBest of my arseAlistair761515758
10thTilly's All-StarsTilly7010131466
11thFree Full BacksBen601012943
12thAnything but bottom again FCNeil56913540
13thThe Centreback's Holding, the Striker's SuccessJenn3037944
14thCoffin DodgersRob662454

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2106 FFL CUP FINAL - Result
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You cant beat Wembley on Cup Final day, the streets thronged with fans — walking down Wembley Way to the stadium, the community singing — Abide with Me, Fast falls the even tide, etc -
the atmosphere inside the stadium — I must go one day.

The 2016 Final of the FFL Cup was a sparkling affair with plenty of points in an open, flowing match........

Ben’s Free Fullbacks managed to accumulate six points courtesy of Williams (1), Sako (2) and Walcott (3).

Ed’s Ramsey’s Nightmares responded with points from Harry Kane (3 for his goal against LFC — Bah), Monreal (3) and Nasri (2).

So the final score was:

Free Fullbacks 6 vs Ramsey’s Nightmares 8

This means that Ed wins the FFL Cup for the second year running (in fact as it stands Ed has NEVER lost a Cup match) - a marvellous achievement worthy of our congratulations.

So well done Ed, don’t forget to bring the trophy with you to the next Auction, for a proper presentation this year !!

All the best

the FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2016-04-04 09:16:55
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After another round of exciting FFL Matches, the semi finals have been decided as follows:

Make De Gea (Sam) 4 vs 7 Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Coste Less... (Alistair) 1 vs 6 Ramsey’s Nightmares (Ed)

So in the Kohn Derby, Sam’s reliance on the Man City forward line floundered at Anfield (come on you Reds) where the Sky blues where BLITZED (am I going over the top here ?).

So Ben moves into another FFL Final, where he will take on the current Cup Holder Ed, who prospered at the expense of Alistair (reliant on Man City midfield which was BLITZED at Anfield last night, and Coutinho who didn’t play).

So the final will be between:

Free FullBacks (Ben) vs Ramsey’s Nightmares (Ed)

and will take place over the weekend of 1st/2nd April. Good luck to both teams.


the FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2016-03-03 09:09:55
What Does Title Mean?
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the semi-finals of the FFL cup are scheduled to be played over the next two nights (1st/2nd March).

Matches are:

Make De Gea (Sam) versus Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Costa Less (Alistair) versus Ramseys Nightmares (Ed)

Results will be published on Thursday 3rd March - Good Luck Teams......

The FFL Committee

Posted: 2016-03-01 15:37:33
FFL 1/4 Final Results!!!
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So the results are in. There were some closely contested matches %u2026 and some teams got battered.

The tie of the round was played between Tilly and Ben, where a solitary point saw Ben's Free Fullbacks triumphant. 10 - 11.

Henderson's Relish%u2026your boys took one hell of a beating. Sam presiding over a rout 20-4.

The other ties saw Alistair edge past Carl and a more comfortable route to the semis for Cup Holder, Ed, versus Chris - the promise of a wembley semi-final in his first season must have got to Chris' Ten and Half Men.

Hendersons Relish (Jenny) 4 vs 20 Make De Gea (Sam)

Tillys All Stars 10 vs 11 Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Costa Less... (Alistair) 6 vs 3 Carl FC

Ten and a half men (Chris) 6 vs 11 Ramseys Nightmares (Ed)

So the semifinals are as follows. Ted will confirm the dates of the semis either from his sun lounger on his cruise ship, or more likely when he gets home.

Sam vs Ben (a Kohn v Kohn grudge match)
Alistair vs Ed (can Ed make it 2 finals in his first 2 seasons?).

All the best from Bodhinaga
Honorary Member, FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2016-02-04 19:53:28
FFL Cup Quarterfinals
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Fellow Managers,

I hope the FA Cup has whet your appetites for the real action to follow over the next few days...

Yes, that's right. As Ted is sunning himself on a luxury cruise ship, the job has fallen to me to officiate over the FFL Quarter finals. I can feel the power going to my head already.

You will remember that the line up is as follows:

Hendersons Relish (Jenny) vs Make De Gea (Sam)

Tillys All Stars vs Free Fullbacks (Ben)

Silva Costa Less... (Alistair) vs Carl FC

Ten and a half men (Chris vs Ramseys Nightmares (Ed)

Matches will take place over the period Tuesday/Wednesday 2nd/3rd February.

May the best teams win%u2026or failing that, the ones that pay me the most money.

Good luck%u2026

Posted: 2016-01-31 22:08:59
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