League Table

PosTeam NameOwner NamePtsGSAssCSGA
1stLescott To The OscarsTilly395301724251
2ndJesus wept (Ive never had the need)Alistair342244533954
3rdPeer Balance Tracking UnitedBodhinaga292252525934
4thAnything but bottom again FCNeil275251333850
5thEnrique will hopefully be my Hero f.cJenn275223323049
6thCech my Johnson outAlex244193261856
7thLong PantsRay221169272740
8thBlack Magic Bites BackRob211162241850
9thDudgeon's Dragon me downTed207231493517
10thFeed The Monkey FFCSam175146391368
11thRobin van Pissing on the Power CordBen170259272445
12thGolden GrahamJamie167139293488

Last Fantasy Football Update - 2014-07-28 23:00:07

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It seems I didn't finish higher then Rob - so all's not that well - must try harder next season

Posted: 2014-05-18 19:15:09
The Season Ends
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A disappointing end to the season for "Dudgeons Dragon me down", and it seems he dragged me lower than even I expected. Whatever happened to Dudgeon - did Hull sack him ? Anyway, I did finish higher then Rob, so all's well.

BUT Congratulations to Tilly for his first league title (by a massive margin,as well) to complete the coveted double. How many times has that been done before - I'm sure someone will know??

So another FFL comes to a close and next up it's the World cup in Brazil - come on England (or Uruguay)
Looking forward to the next Auction night - and - I've learned my lesson - no more signings to try to come up with a team name. I'll be serious from now on.

Have a great summer everyone. All the best


Posted: 2014-05-18 19:13:15
Fantasy Football Cup Final Results
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The Fantasy Cup Final was played as scheduled over the weekend of 6th April, but owing to previous crowd problems was forced to be played behind closed doors at an empty stadium. Consequently there has not been much coverage in the main press, but nevertheless, the match result still stands (and thank goodness for Tilly's "Points Date Search" facility introduced this season).

Robin Van Pissing on the Powercord -3 vs Lescott to the Oscars 6

So Tilly's Lescott wins the first half of the double, with the second part looking a dead certainty too.

So congratulations to Tilly, and thank you, also, to Alex for volunteering to run next seasons FFL Cup.

All the best

The FFL Cup Committee.

Posted: 2014-04-28 10:40:58
Website differences
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Just a quick one for all managers to have a think about. I've noticed that http://fantasyleague.com has slightly different assist numbers than http://fantasy.premierleague.com.

Looking at Suarez
fantasyleague.com: 28 Goals 20 Assists
fantasy.premierleague.com: 28 Goals 24 Assists.

We currently use fantasyleague.com as that was most like the old Telegraph newspaper that we used to use. I can look into using fantasy.premierleague.com (From next year) as I assume that is actually the official premierleague stats.

What does everyone think?


Posted: 2014-04-08 08:43:44
FFL Cup Semi-Finals
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I understand the concerns of some managers (mainly those still left in the cup) about the inconsiderate Football League who scheduled the League Cup Final to take place over the same weekend as the (obviously) more important FFL semi finals.
When the FFL Cup dates were selected (late December) a check of the scheduled Premier League fixtures for each FFL Cup weekend, indicated that there would be a full fixture list. But those bastards in the Football league screwed it up.

Anyway, the rules of the FFL Cup competition allow for such occurences - refer to rule 7, which is cut/pasted below:

7. Games will be played over the nominated "Cup" weekends only. Cup weekends will be selected to provide as full a fixture list as possible. However, only games played on the weekend will count (eg: Saturday/Sunday/Monday) - ie if one of your players doesn't have a game that weekend, then his score will be nil points - tough.

Accordingly, rule 8 confirms the position thus:

8. The Cup committee will publish the team scores for each Cup Weekend - Cup Committee decisions will be final !

With this in mind, the results of the FFL Cup semi finals are as follows:

Lescott to the Oscars (Tilly) 5 versus 4 Golden Graham (Jamie)

Robin Van Pissing......(Ben) 9 versus 3 Cech my Johnson (Alex)

So the the Cup Final will be contested by

Lescott to the Oscars versus Robin Van Pissing.....

The final will be played over the weekend of 5th/6th/7th April (when it appears that there really is a full fixture list.

All the best

The FFL Cup Committee

Posted: 2014-03-04 20:03:11
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